Crawford says Topolie is not returning to ball Leafs

By Danny Gallagher, Canadian Baseball Network

Damon Topolie would often email Toronto Maple Leafs' management during the 2022 season to say he was quitting but he would always show up at the next game to run the team as playing manager 

This time, Topolie is indeed no longer involved with the club, either in a coaching or managerial way but also as a player. He posted on his Twitter feed several days ago he was confirming rumours he had "resigned.'' Leafs team governor and chief operating officer Ty Crawford asked him to step down.

Topolie had been the team's manager for a long time, except for a handful of regular-season games and playoff games this past season when Garrett Takamatsu ran the club.

"This is the first time since 1995 that I will not be involved with a major inter-county team. No regrets!!! Nothing but great memories and teammates!!! '' Topolie said on his Twitter post.

When contacted about Topolie's tweet, Crawford said the agreement for Topolie to leave was supposed to be kept "confidential'' but Topolie disregarded it.

"He has gone and put it out there so we acknowledge that he has resigned,'' Crawford said in an interview. "We can confirm he is no longer with the Maple Leafs.''

Crawford said he didn't wish to speak any further.

Crawford has been running the Leafs since the death of long-time owner Jack Dominico last January. Crawford is also executor of Dominico's estate.