The Toronto Maple Leafs Baseball Club (“Leafs”) is officially for sale.

The team, with roots dating back to 1895, over 30 years prior to Conn Smythe adopting the name for the NHL franchise, is seeking individuals who have a reverence and respect for the century old legacy of the Leafs. Those with a desire and commitment to invest in the revitalization of the team at Christie Pits, in the heart of Toronto, have the opportunity to become a part of one of Toronto’s most cherished sporting traditions.

The origin of this franchise is one of legends.

The great Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run, while pitching a shutout, against the Toronto Maple Leafs and Nap Lajoie, who still in 2023 holds the MLB record for highest batting average ever at .426, joined the Leafs late in his career to lead them to one of their first 10 championships.

The Leafs played in the International league for 55 years, including many at the Triple-A level. Jack Kent Cooke, who owned the Washington Redskins and LA Lakers, took over as owner of the Leafs in 1951 and brought the team to great popularity drawing 3.2 million fans in a 10 year period. Former Tigers legend Sparky Anderson was a top shortstop for the Leafs, before becoming manager.

When the Triple A Leafs were transferred to Louisville in 1967, without missing a beat and to ensure that high level baseball remained in Toronto, Jack & Lynne Dominico stepped forward to establish a new Toronto Maple Leafs baseball team in the Intercounty Baseball League (“IBL”), nearly a decade before the Toronto Blue Jays arrived. The Leafs would begin play at Christie Pits from 1969, and have remained there for 53 years.

Former MLB players Rob and Rich Butler, Paul Spoljaric and Peter Orr are among Leafs’ alumni.

Jack & Lynne owned the team for 40 years, and Jack continued on with the club following Lynne’s passing in 2008, until his passing in 2022. The team has won 8 IBL championships.

Leading sports marketing firm, Cosmos Sports & Entertainment will be fielding all inquires with plans to sell the franchise in short order to the group best suited to uphold the values that have defined this franchise.

Interested parties are asked to email Cosmos at leafsbaseball@cosmossports.com as soon as possible, if they have sincere interest in pursuing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.